Mitsubishi 6D24 Fan Cooling, Fan Mounting, Fan Belts Drive System, Fan Belt-Water Pump Belt Tensioner, Fan Drive Assembly, Fan Belts, Water Pump Belts, Alternator Belts,

Mitsubishi 6D24 6D24T Cooling Fan, Fan Drive System, Fan Belts, Alternator Belts, Water Pump Belts, 

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‚ÄčMitsubishi 6D24 6D24T Fan Mounting, Fan Belts Drive System 
1. Plate 
2. Fan
3. Fan Hub
4. Fan Pulley
5. Fan Bolt
6. Fan Hub Bolt
7. Fan Belts / Alternator Belts ( Quantity of two required )
8. Belt Tensioner Assembly
9. Fan Belts / Water Pump Belts
10. Water Pump
Mitsubishi 6D24 6D24T Fan Belt / Water Pump Belt Tensioner Assembly Parts Breakdown
11. Grease Fitting
12. Grease Swivel
13. Grease Plug
14. Snap Ring
15. Tensioner Pulley
16. Bearings
17. Tension Pulley Shaft
18. Tension Pulley Bracket
19. Tension Pulley Bolt
20. Bolt
21. Washer
22. Nut
23. Bolt
Mitsubishi 6D24 Fan Drive Assembly Parts Breakdown 
24. Fan Bolts
25. Fan Washers
26. Fan Pulley
27. Fan Pulley Hub Nut
28. Washer
29. Fan Pulley Hut
30. Snap Rings
31. Bearings
32. Spacer
33. Bolt
34. Fan Drive Bearing Housing
35. Bearing
36. Grease Plug
37. Grease Swivel
38. Grease Swivel
39. Fan Drive Shaft

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